Get Liz Weber, CMC, CSP to Focus, Educate, & Energize Your Audiences!

Liz has been named:

  • a Top Leadership Voice in Global Leadership
  • a Top 100 Leadership Influencer, and
  • a Top HR Influencer

 Whether she’s giving a keynote or facilitating a panel discussion, Liz Weber shares leadership insights and actions that enable your audience members to act on the right things at the right time to get the right impact.

If you need a leadership speaker to candidly share insights that resonate with leaders and help them perform even better, “get Liz.”

Here are some of Liz’s popular topics for keynotes & breakouts:

Liz Weber CMC CSP - Leadership Speaker

Rethink, Reshape, & Revive Your Organization’s Culture

Is your organization’s culture hurting your team’s performance instead of helping it? Now more than ever, your workplace culture matters. It’ll help you attract and retain great talent – or it will repel great talent. You’re the leader. The choice is yours. Is it time to Rethink, Reshape, and Revive Your Organization’s Culture?

Liz Weber CMC CSP - Leadership Speaker

Build Depth & Plan for Succession! Who’s Going to do That Job?

In this informative, nuts & bolts presentation, Liz presents straight-forward insights on why and how to build depth organization-wide. She shares how to develop an on-going succession planning mindset and process, and not just a plan.

Liz Weber CMC CSP - Leadership Speaker

5 Stages Leadership™ for a Rock-Solid Team

Leading strategically and building team depth is more important than ever. Let Liz help your audience members identify why their teams currently underperform, depend upon them to solve every problem, and cause them to work the long hours they do. Don’t miss this culture-changing, top-rated keynote!

Liz Weber CMC CSP - Leadership Speaker

Strategic Planning Shouldn’t Be Painful!

You’ve spent thousands of dollars and numerous hours developing your strategic plan.
Yet no one cares.
No one knows what to do.
And, no one even remembers what’s in your plan!

What’s wrong with your team? What’s wrong with your plan?

In this presentation, Liz Weber shares her straight-forward process for creating concise strategic plans that get implemented!

Liz Weber CMC CSP - Leadership Speaker

Optimal Impact: Focus on the Right Things at the Right Time

In this engaging program, Liz shares her process for helping leaders – from the front lines to the C-Suite – identify what to focus on and when to optimize their impact, enhance team engagement, and achieve the outcomes they need and want.

Liz Weber CMC CSP - Leadership Speaker

Don’t Let ‘Em Treat You Like a Girl® (for Women in Leadership)

In this insightful – yet funny – presentation, you’ll learn how you may be creating your own roadblocks to leadership success. (Note: There is NO male-bashing in this presentation. It’s about leadership and women in leadership roles.)
Liz Weber CMC CSP - Leadership Speaker

Need to Reboot Your Culture? Reboot Your Values

Even though everyone hears ‘culture is everything’, most organizations don’t do anything to create and then leverage a great company culture to attract, train, promote, and retain incredible people. Does yours?

In this program, Liz shares how to reboot your organization’s culture by doing a reboot of your organization’s values NOW. An organizational culture reboot may just be the key to your organization’s success.

Liz Weber CMC CSP - Leadership Speaker

Strategically Driving Change During Change

Initiating change during a ‘normal’ or ‘calm’ period isn’t easy. However, wanting to initiate additional changes – when organizations have already experienced so much life and business-altering change – seems insane. But is it?

Needed change positions organizations for even greater flexibility, fluidity, and success. So why not give your audience this opportunity to step-up and support their organizations to drive, survive, and thrive in change and uncertainty?

Liz Weber CMC CSP - Leadership Speaker

Have Necessary Conversations to Amp Up Performance & Trust

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could more effectively and less-emotionally address unwanted or downright nasty behavior? Imagine how much more productive and positive your workplace would be if everyone accepted feedback intended to help them perform better.
Book this presentation and learn to minimize the drama and amp up performance!!

Liz Weber CMC CSP - Leadership Speaker

Become the C-Suite Leader Your Team Needs!

Did the impacts of the COVID pandemic change your business? Are you continuing to identify enhancements needed to better develop and support your teams no matter where or how they work? Would it make your life easier if you could ‘sell’ your ideas more quickly to other leaders so you could gain their support and implement the needed programs sooner?
Book this presentation and learn to strategically drive change today!!
Liz Weber CMC CSP - Leadership Speaker

How Savvy Women Lead!

In this fast-paced, funny, interactive yet engaging presentation, Liz Weber highlights ten behaviors women in leadership positions need to stop doing so they can start to realize the leadership effectiveness, success, and rewards they want and deserve!