Attention Meeting Planners:

Bring in Dynamic Business Change & Leadership Keynote Speaker Liz Weber to Challenge & Energize Your Audiences!

Liz Weber presents high-content, interactive keynotes and seminars that help her audiences simplify the way they lead. Liz is one of fewer than 100 people in the U.S. to hold both the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designations. Liz’s presentations educate and energize audiences, spur thought, and ignite ideas to drive leaders and organizations forward.

In the words of one client, “If you want to maximize ROI, get Liz.”

Common Questions

Where Can I Use Liz?

  • Keynotes, break-outs, vendor trade shows, book signings, group coaching sessions, strategic plan development and reviews, emcee
  • Association or corporate conferences targeted to CEOs, board members, family-owned businesses, managers, and human resources managers
  • Government conferences targeted to executive directors, board members, managers, and human resources managers
  • Corporate training seminars and workshops looking to improve management and leadership skills
  • Women’s leadership conferences targeted to help professional women become more effective leaders

Who's the Perfect Audience for Liz?

  • Business owners and CEOs who need to create a solid leadership team who will manage and lead the organization into the future
  • Board members who need to provide stronger guidance to management through effective planning and communication
  • Managers who need to improve individual and team productivity and output
  • Human Resources professionals and training coordinators responsible for developing and providing leadership training for up-and-coming to senior management

Are Liz's Programs Interactive?

Liz’s background as a consultant and trainer causes her to automatically move into and interact with her audiences. She encourages audience input, whether she’s providing a keynote or facilitating a workshop.

How Would Liz Customize Her Presentation for My Group?

Liz firmly believes in making each presentation the “right” presentation for the client. If time allows, in order to develop and customize her program, she starts gathering client and industry data months before the event. She also interviews the client to gather more specific data. For select presentations, Liz may have your event participants take her leadership assessment before the even for even more customized impact and visuals. Finally, Liz prefers to arrive on-site well in advance of her presentation to allow her to mingle with attendees and to observe some of the other presentations to allow her to add last-minute “touches.” Liz does not scrimp on doing her homework. As one client said, “People are raving about your program! No doubt due to the time you dedicated to preparation!”

Can We Record Liz's Presentation?

Yes, with prior authorization and agreement on usage. We require that we receive a Master Copy of the entire uncut recording. Please contact us to discuss various recording and licensing options.