5 Stages Leadership Training



  • Do you need to develop leadership skills… from your front line to your C-Suite?
  • Do your leaders need to develop their own leadership skills while they develop their teams’ skills, too?
  • Would you like a flexible leadership training program that helps you develop talent organization wide?

If you said ‘Yes’ to any one of these questions, the 5 Stages Leadership™ Training Program is for you!

The 5 Stages Leadership™ Training Program is a surprisingly simple, yet powerful program that will help you develop your team’s leadership skills and talent… organization-wide. Contact Us to discuss how best to bring 5 Stages Leadership™ to your organization!

Simple. Straight-forward. Effective.

Why Share the 5 Stages Leadership™ Training Program?

With the 5 Stages Leadership™ Training Program your leaders will learn how to…

  • Uncover and support their one-deep and limited-depth positions
  • Identify and leverage new, potential leaders
  • Clarify their roles and responsibilities as managers
  • Identify what to delegate and what to hold on to
  • Hold team members accountable while building trust and enhancing performance
  • Free up physical time and mental space so they can think and plan strategically
  • Use strategic planning and visions to focus and align team performance
  • Identify their team and organizational Hot Spots and talent gaps
  • Enhance quality and consistency in operations
  • Refine and document critical processes and best practices
  • Plan for needed talent, depth, and succession
  • Ensure their team member transitions are seamless
  • Help their team members and their own successors succeed
  • Identify when it’s time for team members – or themselves – to move on

Address the development needs of every level of leader… from your front line to your C-Suite with the 5 Stages Leadership™ Training Program!

To discuss your team’s specific leadership training needs, complete this form or call us at +1 (717) 597-8890.