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Liz Weber Speaker


Commanding. Straightforward. Thought-Provoking.

Business Change and Leadership Keynote Speaker Liz Weber Will Focus, Educate, & Energize Your Team

Named the highest rated Keynoter of ATD's 2018 TDI Conference and the Top Rated Presentation of BambooHR's 2018 Virtual Summit, Liz Weber brings her audiences energy, insight, and access to overcoming their leadership challenges.

Liz presents interactive, content-rich keynotes and seminars so your audiences will understand how to:

✓ Enhance their effectiveness as leaders
✓ Develop leadership skills throughout their organizations
✓ Drive their organizations forward with aligned leadership teams



Liz Weber, CMC, CSP is a strategic leadership expert who has successfully helped leaders become the leaders their teams need them to be, so they can take their companies where they need to go.


Top Leadership & Business Keynotes by Liz

5 Stages Leadership for a Rock-Solid Team

5 Stages Leadership™ for a Rock-Solid Team

Leading strategically and building team depth can be a challenge for even the most experienced leader. Let Liz help your audience members identify why their teams under-perform, depend upon them to solve problems, and cause them to work the long hours they do. Don't miss this culture-changing, top-rated keynote!

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Become the Strategic HR Business Partner Your Organization Needs - Liz Weber

Becoming Influential HR

If your audience members wonder why strategic and personnel decisions made without them, why team members treat them as an adversary instead of respected colleagues this presentation is for you. Liz will share how savvy HR professionals build credibility, highlight their value, and become the trusted and respected strategic business partners their organizations need.

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Here Today – There Tomorrow! Leading Strategically for a Stronger Tomorrow

Here Today – There Tomorrow! Leading Strategically for a Stronger Tomorrow

Liz Weber will share how learning to think, plan, and lead strategically are skills that can be developed in all employees. If your audience members want a stronger tomorrow for their organizations, they won't want to miss this keynote.

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Necessary Conversations™: Enhance Team Performance, Trust, & Engagement

How Savvy Women Lead!

In this fast-paced, funny, interactive and thought-provoking presentation, Liz Weber highlights the critical behaviors savvy women leaders have discovered that enable them to work with greater purpose, focus, and credibility to realize the success they deserve.

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We absolutely loved having you at TDI. You were so full of energy and breathed new life into the end of the conference for sure. I heard nothing but amazing comments from our attendees on your presentation as well. Thank you again for your hard work, time and overall awesomeness. We so look forward to the next time we can hire and spend time with you!

– Lisa Spinelli, Career Development Content Manager



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Your presentation exceeded my expectations. When you were finished, I turned to our outgoing president who said to me, 'She was worth every penny.’

– Stanton Hire, President