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Liz Weber Speaker


Commanding. Straightforward. Thought-Provoking.

Business Change and Leadership Keynote Speaker Liz Weber Will Focus, Educate, & Energize Your Team

Liz Weber, CMC, CSP is a strategic leadership expert who has successfully helped leaders become the leaders their teams need them to be, so they can take their companies where they need to go.

Liz presents interactive, content-rich keynotes and seminars so your audiences will understand how to:

✓ Enhance their effectiveness as leaders
✓ Develop leadership skills throughout their organizations
✓ Drive their organizations forward with aligned leadership teams


Why Choose Liz?

As one client says, "Liz is the real-deal."

With other 25 years’ experience effectively guiding strategic planning, succession planning, and leadership development projects, Liz Weber, CMC, CSP has seen it, done it, and learned how to do it more simply and effectively. Whether she’s keynoting, training, consulting or coaching, Liz is known for her candor, common sense, clear business insights, and engaging humor.

If you want to maximize your leadership event's ROI, get Liz!"


5 Stages Leadership™ Programs:


5 Stages of Rock-Solid Leadership-Liz Weber

5 Stages Leadership™ for a Rock-Solid Team

Leading and building team depth can be a challenge for even the most experienced professional. However, through client scenarios, exercises, and her model: The Five Stages of Focused Leadership Development®, Liz will help your audience members identify why their teams under-perform, depend upon them to solve problems, and cause them to work the long hours they do.
For even more customized impact and ROI, have your group take Liz's 5 Stages Leadership™ Assessment before your event!
The Five Stages of Focused Leadership Development® model is also shared in the following customized programs:

  • 5 Stages Leadership™ for HR Leaders
  • 5 Stages Leadership™ for Association Leaders
  • 5 Stages Leadership™ for Volunteer Leaders
  • 5 Stages Leadership™ for Boards of Directors
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    Other Top Leadership & Business Presentations by Liz

    Here Today – There Tomorrow! Leading Strategically to Ensure Your Relevance - Liz Weber

    Here Today – There Tomorrow!

    Leading Strategically for a Stronger Tomorrow

    If you’re being challenged to think “outside the box,” how do you know what’s “in the box”? If you have a strategic plan, why are your teams working in silos? If your leadership strategies are brilliant, why is productivity down and morale in the toilet?

    In this presentation, Liz Weber will share how learning to think, plan and lead strategically are skills that can be developed in all employees – if you want a stronger tomorrow for your organization.
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    Become the Strategic HR Business Partner Your Organization Needs - Liz Weber

    Become the Strategic HR Business Partner Your Organization Needs

    Are strategic and personnel decisions made without your input? Do other members of the management team treat you as an adversary instead of an advisor? Would you like to learn why you are NOT viewed as a strategic business partner? If your audience members answered yes to just ONE of those questions, this presentation is for them!
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  • Guide Real Change with Smart Strategic Planning!
  • Minimize the Drama: How Effective Leaders Manage Conflict
  • Build Depth & Create a Succession Plan in 8 Steps!
  • How Savvy Women Lead!

    On-Site, Customized Leadership Training

    Liz and her team can provide customized, on-site and virtual leadership training. Your team will gain the insights and skills they need to effectively lead your organization now and in the future.
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    Having to be the last presenter after two full days was not an easy task, but you carried it off with finesse, grace, and boldness all at the same time.

    – Pat Miller, Director
    PA Leadership Development Institute