When Things Change, Change Things Intentionally

When Things Change, Change Things Intentionally

When a change occurs (i.e., new software program, new employee, new product or process, etc) it brings positives and negatives. Often an employee’s fears of change (loss of control, fear of failure, fear of letting go, etc) will kick in and the employee will resist the change out of fear.

Because of this, it’s important to change things intentionally by clarifying what specific processes, behaviors, etc will need to change or end to allow the organizational change to occur. However, it’s also important to clarify what processes, services, and behaviors you do not want to see changed or to end (i.e., personalized customer service and interactions, leading-edge innovation, etc.)

When an organization undergoes a major change (i.e., introduces a new product or service line, or upgrades a software program), according to Dr. Price Pritchett, roughly 20% of the employee population immediately gets on board & supports the change; roughly 50% are bench-sitters as they do not yet have enough information to determine if they will support it or resist the change; and roughly 30% will actively resist the change. Too often, as managers, we spend our time trying to convince the resistant, vocal 30% to change their minds, when we should be spending more time & providing more information to the 50% to help them get on board!

We have a greater chance of converting some of the 50% to support our efforts if we can simply provide them with the information they need to help them understand why and how to help us. Don’t waste time battling the resistors. Focus on educating and clarifying the change for the undecided. They’ll appreciate the time and attention you spent with them helping them to understand the change better. You’ll gain greater commitment from them and you’ll have a better informed and educated team in the end!

Don’t forget — when there must be change, change things intentionally.


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