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Are You Working Your Sales Process?

Are You Working Your Sales Process?


Having and following a consistent sales process allows you to easily move through the process as you transition leads to prospects to satisfied customers. Here’s a basic 10 Step Sales Process I’ve shared with my clients.

  1. Clarify Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) –

    You need to be able to quickly, clearly and confidently answer the question: “Why should I do business with you?” What’s different or special about you versus every other company out there that does basically the same thing as you? Whatever that difference is, that’s your Unique Selling Point or Proposition. It’s what sets you apart from everyone else. It doesn’t need to be earth-shattering, just different enough so your targeted prospective customers understand it and want it. For my strategic planning clients, my company’s USP is: We help you workable one page strategic plans that are not open to interpretation. That may not be the sexiest of statements, but my busy clients don’t want more than one page and they want whatever the plan is to be clear and not open to interpretation.

  2. Communicate Your Message –

    All of your messaging (paid marketing pieces & unpaid – i.e., word-of-mouth promotions) need to align, reinforce your USP, and speak to your targeted Tier 1 & 2 CustomersDon’t Work So Hard: Target to Grow Your Pool of Tier 1 & 2 Customers. You want to ensure all of your marketing efforts are leveraging one another.

  3. Qualify Leads to Identify Prospects –

    Be comfortable in that not everyone is a good fit for you, nor are you a good fit for every potential customer. Identify (Tier 1 -4) your prospects and target your paid marketing to your Tier 1 & 2 prospects, those that will help you take your business where you want it to go.

  4. Approach Targeted ProspectsApproach Targeted Prospects –

    Once you are clear on your prospecting Tiers, approach your prospective customers in ways that most effectively resonate with them. Tier 1s may respond best to professional referrals from a colleague, Tier 2s may respond to a quick, focused telephone call, etc. Do your homework and connect in the mode that’s right for the prospect.

  5. Assess Needs –

    When you have the opportunity to speak with your prospect, use your Active Listening & Questioning Skills to identify triggering comments (i.e., opportunities) to help your prospects & customers with one of your products or services that could help them with the most impact.

  6. Offer Benefits & Solutions –

    sales process superheroShare the benefits your customers can realize with your products or services more so than detailing your products’ or services’ features. No prospective new customer for a bank wakes up and says, “I want a home equity loan!” But, people do say, “I want a finished basement” or “I need to repair my roof!” People want the benefits of products and services provide.

  7. Address Questions & Objections –

    There’s no need to become defensive when the prospect raises questions or objections. These are simply opportunities to listen to their push-back, to provide more information, or to restate the benefits in a more clear manner. Also, keep in mind, NO” often means “Not now.”

  8. Close the Deal –

    When you sense their movement to accept your offer, close the deal by simply confirming their acceptance and stating you’ll take care of the paperwork so they can realize the benefits they want sooner rather than later.

  9. Provide the Service or Product –

    Deliver. Do what you do exceptionally well.

  10. Follow-Up to Get Referrals & Testimonials –

    When the project is done or the service is completed, circle back to ensure the customer is still satisfied. If so, ask them to specify what they appreciate most about working with you and your products or services. Then, ask them to introduce you to others who they believe would also appreciate what you do. If they like what you did, why keep it a secret?

Are you ready to start working your sales process?



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