Advisory Services for Businesses:

Boards of Directors

As a Board Chair or Director,

  • Would it help everyone if your board meetings were more productive?
  • Are you concerned about board or CEO succession and your leadership pipeline?
  • Would it help your board and committees if they better understood their roles and responsibilities?

Serving on a board (for-profit or non-profit) is challenging. It can be incredibly fun and rewarding, and it can also be a royal pain.

Regardless, the work the board has to do is important. Therefore, if you’re the board chair, it’s your job to do what it takes to ensure your board and committees are engaged, informed, and productive.

So, are they?

If so, kudos.

If not. Let’s talk.

Advisory Services for Boards of Directors

Liz Weber works with boards of directors to help them elevate their board performance through clear, streamlined board governance, productive board meeting design and management, and stronger collaboration and communication with management. 

Whether your board of directors needs help with:

  • Understanding the board’s role versus management’s role
  • Developing strategically-designed board meeting agendas and board books, or it needs help in
  • Enhancing the board composition of skills and experience
  • Completing its required annual Board Performance Assessment
  • Developing the organization’s next strategic plan, or
  • Clarifying the roles and responsibilities of the board, committees, and staff

Liz works with you in achieving your objectives.

We never could have done this without Liz. She’s helped in ways she doesn’t even know.

Jeff Chapski

Former Board of Trustee Chair, Georgetown University Alumni Association

You were absolutely the best person we could have found to help us with our strategic plan.

Andrea Lowery

Executive Director, PA Historical and Museum Commission

Board Advisory Services and Executive Coaching

Liz will work with you, individually or with your entire board of directors to address your specific board leadership challenge(s). This may range from one-on-one conversations to providing advisory services during your board meetings.

If you’re the board chair, she’ll deepen your understanding of the breadth of your responsibilities and enhance your skills in leading your board.

If you’re a board director, officer, or committee chair, she’ll help you elevate your performance as you take hold of your respective role(s) and responsibilities.
For many of Liz’s board clients, just 60 minutes each month of focused conversation changes their perspective, skills, and performance.

Board Consulting Services

Through either on-site or virtual meetings, Liz will work with you to guide address your specific challenges. Your work together may require strategic planning, succession planning, CEO / Board / Chair transitions, or culture and change initiatives. Regardless, Liz will be there to support you.

You’re a good leader. Your board has so much talent. Let Liz help you make your board great.

Contact Weber Business Services, LLC at +1 (717) 597-8890 today to discuss how our Business Advisory and Executive Coaching services might help you.