Do You Know Where Your Company Is Headed?

Get on Track for Long-Term Success With Strategic Planning

“Your focused presentation on strategic planning provided us with a systematic process for creating a concise, workable plan that will be easy for us to utilize.”
Tauna Perenovich

Board Chair, VA Pittsburgh Employees FCU


Does your organization need a strategic plan to outline what you need to accomplish over the next 2, 3, 4 or more years?

Our Solution

We guide you through the strategic planning process to ensure your final plan is clear, concise, and—most importantly—”workable.”


With our straightforward process…

  • You’ll develop an organization-wide vision, mission, values statement and strategic goals
  • You’ll create a concise strategic plan that is 1-5 pages long—that’s it. Long enough to provide needed focus, yet short enough to be incredibly useful
  • You’ll have a plan that is ready for implementation because it will not be open for interpretation—it will be clear, specific and measurable
Because of your strategic planning process we were able to implement a focused strategic plan. We developed clear goals. We have clear timelines for our goals, and we track our progress at every board meeting. Your process has made our plan truly workable!
Amy M. Hicks

Executive Director, United Way of Franklin County PA

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