Strategic Planning:

Get on Track for Long-Term Success

Strategic Planning shouldn’t be painful.

Instead, when facilitated well, strategic planning should be engaging and energizing.

It should enable every team member to visualize a clear future, a stronger future, and an enhanced workplace culture.

Many times, clients need a strategic plan because it’s a requirement or a checklist item. It’s not traditionally been a strategic business resource…  until we work together.

I’d like to help you address your strategic planning challenge and help you change your business in the process.


Does your organization need a strategic plan to outline what you need to accomplish over the next 3, 4, 5 or more years?


I will guide you through the strategic planning process to ensure your strategic plan is clear, concise, and–most importantly–”workable.”


With our straightforward process…

  • You’ll develop an organization-wide vision, mission, values statement, strategic priorities and goals
  • You’ll create a clear, concise strategic plan that provides the needed focus, implementation clarity, and budget alignment to enable you to get things done
  • You’ll have a plan to elevate and align your team’s performance while
    enhancing your company’s culture

“I wanted to send you a quick update on the plan you facilitated us through development.
We had an in-person meeting today. It’s exciting to have everyone now begin to recognize the progress we’re making as an organization vs. just the tasks they were doing.
I love it when a plan comes together! And I so appreciate your expertise and insights in this process.”

Stacy Tetschner, CAE

President & CEO, American Traffic Safety Services Association

Because of your strategic planning process we were able to implement a focused strategic plan. We developed clear goals. We have clear timelines for our goals, and we track our progress at every board meeting. Your process has made our plan truly workable!
Amy M. Hicks

Executive Director, United Way of Franklin County PA

You need a strategic plan. But why not create a stronger business, team, and culture in the process?

Start your plan for a successful future with a call to Weber Business Services, LLC: +1 (717) 597-8890.