Succession Planning:

Do Have Depth or a Plan for Smooth Transitions?

Succession Planning Be a Defensive Move.

Succession planning is still too often thought of as a defensive move. A move to protect against the negative impact of a key person leaving. It’s also too often only discussed when referring to the c-suite instead of in reference to all team members.

Strategic succession planning and talent development are proactive, intentional activities. They’re intended to (and when done well do) engage, inform, and develop skills in all – yes – all team members.

I’d like to work with you to create strategic succession and talent development plans to help you develop the team, depth, and workplace culture you want and need.

Succession Planning


Would your organization be in big trouble if “the leader” or another team member were to leave? 


I’ll work with you to help ensure you have the right people with the right skills in place, to support, manage and lead your organization now… and for years to come.


Together we might…

  • Develop an organization-wide Emergency Staffing and Short-Term Talent Development Plan to minimize chaos and risk
  • Develop an organization-wide Talent Development and Succession Plan to map your organization’s future talent needs
  • Develop Individual Development Plans (IDPs) for team members to help them enhance their skills for their current and future role(s)
  • Develop a plan to recruit, hire, train, and retain critical team members who align with your mission, values, and workplace culture

A very, very BIG Thank You! Liz – I want to pass along my most sincere thanks for yesterday’s session. From start to finish, I know we threw you curve balls continually, and your experience and expertise definitely showed.
Throughout the day I heard positive comments, and they continued into the evening. Today I walked in to many, many more… Even some of our most hard-to-impress senior managers were raving about the day… Can’t thank you enough!

Chrisanne Bowden

Director of Human Resources, Snow Time Inc.

This process has encouraged synergies through the departments while developing current strategic alignments with the organization. We have seen tremendous growth in our leadership as a result of your training and continue to look for ways to develop and enhance our talent within the Health System.
Suzanne Welker

VP Human Resources, Berger Health Systems

Let’s ensure you have the right people, with the right skills, in the right positions, at the right time.

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