Are You Prepared for Workforce & Leadership Changes? Succession Planning Is Key


Would your organization be in big trouble if “the leader” or another key staff person were to leave? Do you know what positions, skills and talent your organization will need in the future?


Our succession planning services help ensure you have the right people with the right skills in place to support, manage and lead your organization now… and years from now.


With our straightforward process…

  • You’ll develop an organization-wide Emergency Staffing and Short-Term Development Plan to minimize chaos in difficult and unexpected situations
  • You’ll develop an organization-wide Workforce Development Plan and Succession Plan to map your organization’s future needs and build “Intellectual Infrastructure”
  • You’ll develop Individual Development and Training Plans for staff to ensure they have the skills needed to drive your organization forward
  • You’ll develop a plan to recruit, hire and train critical staff in anticipated and unanticipated situations
Everyone loved your approach and great common sense as well as business savvy when we worked together.
– Suzanne Welker

VP Human Resources (Retired), Berger Health Systems

Don’t be caught unprepared when it comes to leadership and staffing needs. Contact Weber Business Services, LLC at +1 (717) 597-8890 to get a plan in place.