Boards of Directors:

Assess and Enhance Your Performance as a Board and Individual Directors

Serving as a Board Director is an exciting challenge of strategic thinking, high-stakes decisions, and clashing egos.

Boards of DirectorsAs a board director, do you ever wonder?

  • How can we make our time together more efficient, productive, and collegial?
  • Are we focusing on the right issues and guiding staff appropriately?
  • Are we meeting our governance obligations while not becoming overly bureaucratic?

Through Board and Director Assessments, Strategic Planning, and Executive Coaching we will work together to help your board of directors enhance their focus, skills, and effectiveness.

With our services, you will:

  • Identify specific organizational and leadership issues requiring Board attention
  • Develop your organization’s strategic plan
  • Enhance Board Director interactions and performance with group coaching

For more information about how our Board and Family Business Consulting can help your organization download our PDF One-Sheet. [ .pdf | 259kb ]

Thank you again for an excellent session yesterday. We came away focused and energized. We appreciate your creative approach, particularly as we covered multiple topics, as well as your guidance and coaching in developing our next steps.”

– Doug Hill

Executive Director, County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania

Identify where your board can enhance its effectiveness with a Board and Board Director 360 Assessment.