Assessments for Leaders, Boards, and Organizations

Assessments help to objectively identify specific areas for individual, team, and organizational focus and change.

We support you with various business and leadership assessment tools:

5 Stages Leadership™ Assessment

Why take this assessment?
Improve your own and your team’s performance. How? You will…

  • Uncover your current stage of leadership and its impact on your team
  • Learn which stage of leadership your team needs from you NOW
  • Identify which leadership changes to make to dramatically enhance your team’s performance!

Available for individuals and leadership teams.*
* Free version available for individuals
* Team reports are often used to support executive coaching and 5 Stages Leadership™ training initiatives.

Business and Leadership Assessment

Every aspect of your business is connected to another – so when you adjust one area you impact another.

When we complete your Business and Leadership Assessment with you, we can develop a clear plan to focus our joint efforts to help you develop the team and organization you want.

Among other topics, our Business and Leadership Assessment reviews:

  • Your strategic and operational planning practices
  • Your clients and portfolio of products / services
  • Your brand management and marketing practices
  • Your production and delivery processes
  • Your workforce, succession, and talent development practices
  • Your financial goals and KPIs
  • Your risk mitigation practices
  • Your long-term goals and exit strategies
  • Your board of directors or advisors

Board Performance Assessments

Is it time for your board performance review?

Help your board pinpoint what it is doing well and what to address to become better.

Our board assessment covers:

  • Vision, Mission, Values, and Strategic Priorities
  • Board Governance
  • Operations, Finance, and Organizational Effectiveness
  • Culture: Team, Board Dynamics
  • Risk Mitigation and Management
  • Committees
  • People: Composition, Succession, Staff, Talent Development

Board Director 360 Assessment

Is your board of directors willing to improve their performance individually as well as collectively?
Our board director assessment provides each director with personalized insights into their effectiveness on the board.

In addition to the topics covered in our Board Performance Assessment, our board director assessment covers each director’s:

  • Understanding and support of the company’s Vision, Mission, Values, and Strategic Priorities
  • Expertise and skills that enhance board decisions
  • External insights and objectivity
  • Ability to engage in constructive debate
  • Strategic thinking and questioning abilities
  • Effective use of board/committee time
  • Appreciation of their role and responsibilities as a director

Leadership 360s

Often used as part of our executive coaching and leadership training programs, leadership 360s help you identify and target the specific behaviors and skills to enhance, continue, or minimize.

Our assessments are customized for each level of leader – front-line to executive – and cover an array of topics including:

  • Strategic thinking and planning
  • Emotional and social intelligence
  • Financial and operational acumen
  • Team development and management
  • Project management
  • Talent development and succession planning
  • Team culture management
  • Risk awareness and response
  • Individual and team performance management

Personality & Communications Style 360 Assessment

We offer various pre and post-assessment services including:

Improve your own and your team’s performance. How? You will…

  • Uncover communication and work preferences in yourself and colleagues
  • Learn to enhance your communication and behavioral strengths to perform better
  • Learn to communicate and work more effectively with various team members, customers, and vendors

We offer various pre and post-assessment services including:

  • Consulting to develop, prioritize, and align your strategic plans, succession plans, or workforce development plans
  • Business Advisory and Executive Coaching services for C-Suite leaders, the leadership team, and board of directors to address your specific business and leadership challenges
  • Leadership development programs targeted to address your leadership team’s specific needs

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