• Do you need to develop leadership skills… from your front line to your C-Suite?
  • Do your leaders need to develop their own leadership skills while they develop their teams’ skills, too?
  • Would you like a flexible leadership training program that helps you develop talent organization wide?

If you said ‘Yes’ to any one of these questions, the 5 Stages Leadership™ Training Program is for you!


The 5 Stages Leadership™ Training Program is a surprisingly simple, yet powerful program that will help you develop your team’s leadership skills and talent… organization-wide.


  • Bring in Liz or another 5 Stages Leadership™ Qualified Facilitator (live in person or online)
  • Become a 5 Stages Leadership™ Qualified Facilitator through a Train-the-Trainer program

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Simple. Straight-forward. Effective.

Why Share the 5 Stages Leadership™ Training Program?

With the 5 Stages Leadership™ Training Program your leaders will learn how to…

  • Uncover and support their one-deep and limited-depth positions
  • Identify and leverage new, potential leaders
  • Clarify their roles and responsibilities as managers
  • Identify what to delegate and what to hold on to
  • Hold team members accountable while building trust and enhancing performance
  • Free up physical time and mental space so they can think and plan strategically
  • Use strategic planning and visions to focus and align team performance
  • Identify their team and organizational Hot Spots and talent gaps
  • Enhance quality and consistency in operations
  • Refine and document critical processes and best practices
  • Plan for needed talent, depth, and succession
  • Ensure their team member transitions are seamless
  • Help their team members and their own successors succeed
  • Identify when it’s time for team members – or themselves – to move on

Address the development needs of every level of leader… from your front line to your C-Suite with the 5 Stages Leadership™ Training Program!

What specifically does the 5 Stages Leadership™ Training Program do?

This program enables leaders to develop talent deep and wide within their teams. So, leaders can lead, managers can manage, and doers can more effectively do the work they’re being paid to do.

5 Stages Leadership™ Model
The Five Stages of Focused Leadership Development®
  • Stage 1 Leadership: Developing Systems

    Identify leadership potential and enhance efficiencies by developing systems

  • Stage 2 Leadership: Managing

    Develop management skills while enhancing team skills and accountability

  • Stage 3 Leadership: Leading

    Think and plan strategically and shift from reactive to proactive leadership

  • Stage 4 Leadership: Mentoring

    Develop leadership skills and talent depth…enterprise wide

  • Stage 5 Leadership: Moving On

    Enable seamless transitions as team members change responsibilities or roles


Bring 5 Stages Leadership™ to your organization with one of these three options!


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