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You Already Know the Answers

You Already Know the Answers


My team and I are working with several clients conducting company and leadership assessments to pinpoint areas for improvement. The assessments are fascinating. The conversations are insightful. The leadership team members are smart, and their desire to improve is impressive. There’s a passion, a dedication, and a yearning to move their organizations forward.

There’s also, typically, a consistency in what the various team members outline as needed areas of focus and action within their respective organizations. What’s also interesting is that when I speak with the CEOs, Directors, Board Chairs, or owners, they tell me, “We already know the answers. We’re just not moving on them.”

If you already know the answers to your organization’s lagging sales, less than glowing employee and customer satisfaction scores, and excessive costs, why aren’t you moving on them? 


If you already know the answers to help your organization, why aren’t you moving on them?

If you already know the answers, why aren’t you implementing the needed changes? Why aren’t you working ON your business? Why do you need a consulting firm to tell you what you say you already know?

From my experience, you do know the answers, but you haven’t had to face them and deal with them. Why? More often than not, the substantive changes that need to occur first will require long-overdue changes in the leadership team’s focus, behaviors, and actions. Until now, you’ve been able to hold off making changes yourself. It’s been easier to look at the processes, procedures, products, and overall service delivery flow to identify where enhancements can be made. It’s been easier to look at your team and identify ways they need to improve. It’s been easier to focus on the problems and details of daily operations, to be so busy being busy, that you don’t have time to lead. It’s been easier to look at others for problems and ways to ‘fix’ them, than it has been to look at yourself and identify how to be a better leader yourself.


It’s been easier to look at others for ways to ‘fix’ them, than it has been to look at yourself.

However now, something has happened, and you can no longer avoid addressing the issues with how you and the other members of the leadership team have been leading. Either negative situations have compounded and are now at a tipping point, or you’re faced with an opportunity that you cannot successfully pursue and win unless you make changes.

It’s time to face reality that problems exist that need to be admitted, discussed, debated, and addressed by you and the leadership team. It’s time to clarify the problems and map-out their solutions. It’s time to put the answers to your problems into play. You can’t avoid taking action any longer. It’s time to change.


It’s time to put the answers to your problems into play. It’s time to change.

Your leadership team is waiting for you to say, “We need to do something and we need to do it now.” They’re ready. They’re ready with their ideas, their concerns, and their energy. They’re ready to make changes in how they lead, but they need you to change how you lead first. They know the answers and so do you. It’s time to change and it needs to start with you. Put your answers into play.



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