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See Your Business From the Other Side

See Your Business From the Other Side


Do the unthinkable — be your own customer. Take a critical look at your organization one afternoon and walk through the front door as a first-time customer would.

Notice things such as the clarity of your website, the friendliness of your telephone receptionist, the lighting and cleanliness of the floor, countertops, and displays. Notice the arrangement of your information, merchandise, and the responsiveness of the staff. Do you feel comfortable and are you welcomed, or do you feel frustrated and as if you’re an interruption?

See your Business from the Other SideIf you sense anything other than comfort, being welcomed, and pride in your organization, you’ve got work to do. Because any other feeling you sensed, is also being felt by prospective customers — and you could be losing customers because of it!

So do yourself a favor. Notice and address the “little” things seen on the other side of your business. You’d be amazed at the “big” changes in new customers, customer satisfaction and retention that can develop.



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