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Stop So You Can Get The Results You Want

Stop So You Can Get The Results You Want

Stop doing what unsuccessful business owners, managers, human resources professionals, and women in leadership have done. Start doing what effective leaders KNOW and DO!

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Are you a business owner, manager, human resources professional or female leader struggling to find success?

In this four book “Stop So You Can Get The Results You Want” compilation, you will find expert advice that takes you by the hand and tells you what you need to stop doing and what you should do instead.

Management consultant, leadership accountability expert and professional speaker, Liz Weber, CMC, guides you through a series of issues that are keeping you from being the success that you know you could be.

Liz will discuss ten key points per book that are keeping you from moving forward in your career and in business. You will feel like you have your own personal coach and consultant working with you one-on-one without feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

This insightful and well-organized book includes real-life stories from people just like you who are dealing with the same issues and concerns. You’ll learn how to efficiently and effectively change your behavior so that you can contribute to the growth of your organization.

If you find yourself struggling daily with issues that never seem to go away then purchase this four book combo to tap into the wisdom of straight-talking leadership accountability expert, Liz Weber, CMC!