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Something Needs to Change Around Here, 2nd Edition

The Five Stages to Leveraging Your Leadership

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Discover the Five Stages of Leveraging Your Leadership

If you own a business, serve as a board director, manage a team, or are just starting out in management, you’re responsible for leading others. Your success as a leader depends upon your team’s success.

If they’re moving forward, you’re leading well. If they’re struggling, you’re not leading your team the way they need to be led. You’ve no doubt heard that before, but in this beautifully written and designed book, leadership consultant Liz Weber takes you through her amazingly simple five-stage model to pinpoint why your team is facing the challenges it is — and what YOU need to change to help move them forward.

This updated second edition is a quick read and perfect for the busy executive with its easy-to-skim format, easy-to-find key summary points, and suggested discussion questions for immediate use with teams large and small.

With its smart design, you can read this as a stand-alone leadership book or pair it with a workbook to create a powerful individual or team learning experience. As one seminar attendee said, “The questions alone are powerful ”

Other leaders have read this book, learned The Five Stages of Focused Leadership Development®, and changed how they lead. Will you?


“What a fantastic book It felt as if it was written for our company. The book addressed all of the major problems we were facing”
– James Hobson

Director of Business Development

“I give this book to my executive coaching clients as a roadmap for their journey through the stages of leadership development.”
– Dr. Margaret Carey

Executive Coach

“It’s given me a roadmap on how to take my new management role to the level I need to have my team succeed!”
– Timi Yonkers


“If you’ve ever felt like you don’t know the next step to becoming the best leader you can be…read this book.”
– Timothy R. Milburn


“This book helps bolster me when I feel that I just can’t move that mountain anymore!”
– T. Barnes


“She motivates you to be better and to also help others improve.”
– Theresa Delgado

Business Owner