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Don’t Let ‘Em Treat You Like a Girl® (for Women in Leadership)

Don’t Let ‘Em Treat You Like a Girl®


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In this fast-paced, funny, informative yet engaging book, award-winning author and Strategic Leadership Expert, Liz Weber, highlights behaviors women in leadership positions need to stop doing and what they need to start doing to realize the leadership effectiveness, success, and rewards they are seeking.

This quick-reading, insightful guide will help you identify:

  • Which leadership traits are most admired
  • What your leadership brand is saying about you
  • How to manage conflicts and negotiations more effectively
  • What “girly” behaviors you need to STOP
  • and so much more!

With insights gathered from women and men in leadership roles, Liz Weber has crafted a book that doesn’t discriminate or bash, but focuses on personal accountability and leadership growth.


“The one line tips at the end of each chapter could be game changers. Just try one a week, and I bet your work lives will change.”

– Jan Fox

Emmy Award-Winning News Anchor

“This is the only book you will need to buy if you want to know how to negotiate a raise, how to get noticed for your skills and talents instead of your gender, and so, so much more.”

– Debbie Halvorson

former Congresswoman

“As a Career Development Professional dedicated to the empowerment of women in the workplace, Liz Weber’s new edition of Don’t Let ‘Em Treat You Like a Girl is a breath of fresh air.”

– Caroline Dowd-Higgins


“This is an excellent book that anybody working can really relate to.”

– Matt Anfang