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What Business Owners Need to Stop Doing

What Business Owners Need to Stop Doing

Stop So You Can Get the Results You Want Book 1

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Are You Running Your Business Or Is It Running You?

Are you worried you’ll be out of business if something happens to you?

Are you trying to build a business that will support your retirement?

In “What Business Owners Need to Stop Doing,” award-winning author and Strategic Leadership Expert, Liz Weber, takes you by the hand and highlights what you need to stop doing and what you need to start doing to create the business you want. . .

This compact book includes real-life stories of small business owners – just like you. With Liz’s help, like them, you’ll learn to:

  • Stop wasting your time and instead do what you should be doing as the business owner
  • Stop hiding your vision and let your team help you grow your business so they can thrive and you can retire
  • Stop nepotism and create a business where family members are respected and not resented
  • Stop limiting your company’s growth
  • Stop rewarding the wrong behaviors

and so much more!

With this insightful guide, you will feel as if you have your own personal business coach and consultant working with you. You will uncover some painful leadership weaknesses, but you will be given the solutions to create the business you want.

Straight-talking, leadership expert, Liz Weber, CMC, CSP has helped small business owners for over 25 years, create businesses that transcend owners and leadership teams.