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Apr 152014
When Leadership Pretends Not to See

"How can I let the leadership team know my manager is a really poor manager and our team is falling apart because of him?" That question was emailed to me by one frustrated senior manager. It is such a tragedy because here's the truly frustrating aspect of this situation: The [Read More...]

Apr 082014
Who Are Your Key People?

Who really are your key people? Who do you really need to listen to and learn from? Key people are those individuals who have information, insights, experience, or connections that can help you do your job as a leader. They're also often the ones that tell you things you don't [Read More...]

Mar 182014
How Organized is Your Leadership?

How often have you walked into a bricks and mortar business and been completely disappointed? The products were not displayed logically or conveniently. The physical building, parking lot, and retail space were not well-lit and were noticeably dirty. The staff didn't interact seamlessly - if at all - to help [Read More...]

Mar 112014
Vicki Hess on The Missing Piece of the Employee Engagement Puzzle

Vicki Hess, CSP stopped by today; read as she shares what’s missing in most discussions about employee engagement. The Missing Piece of the Employee Engagement Puzzle By Vicki Hess, CSP Over the last decade, billions of dollars and millions of hours have been invested by organizations across the country to [Read More...]