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Aug 192014
Double Your Training Take Aways

I, of course, love leadership training. However, I find it even more valuable when there's an easy way to double your training take aways without additional cost. At the conclusion of a leadership training project with a client recently, one of the senior managers said, "In order to keep this [Read More...]

Aug 122014
What needs to change in organizations?

Leaders Need to Learn to Think so They Can Speak the Truth ... Clearly Why are so many supervisors, managers, and even some big dogs with the snazzy three letter titles: CEO, CIO, EVP, etc., incapable of communicating clearly? Why are so many managers unable to provide honest commentary on [Read More...]

Aug 052014
Are You Working Your Sales Process?

Having and following a consistent sales process allows you to easily move through the process as you transition leads to prospects to satisfied customers. Here's a basic 10 Step Process I've shared with my clients. Clarify Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) - You need to be able to quickly, clearly [Read More...]

Jul 292014
When Things Change, Change Things Intentionally

When a change occurs (i.e., new software program, new employee, new product or process, etc) it brings positives and negatives. Often an employee's fears of change (loss of control, fear of failure, fear of letting go, etc) will kick in and the employee will resist the change out of fear. [Read More...]

Jul 222014
Little Things DO Mean A Lot!

It doesn't take much. It doesn't take a lot of time, effort, or money to let your employees know you appreciate them and the talents they bring to your organization. Sometimes a simple, sincere Thank you is all that's needed. A few years ago while conducting leadership training, I was [Read More...]