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Sep 302014
Retain and Grow / Retain and Pay

It’s amazing how life and business is a cycle. I pulled this from the archives. I wrote this ten years ago, but I could have written it this morning. See if there’s something in here that resonates with you… I recently read the McKinsey & Company Report on Global Leadership [Read More...]

Sep 232014
Know What You're Talking About

On my return flight from a recent speaking engagement, I started talking with the gentleman sitting next to me as both he and I worked on our laptops. Roger was a senior level manager for a 250 person, defense contractor and was traveling to meet with his company’s leadership team [Read More...]

Sep 162014
Great Doers Don’t Necessarily Make Great Leaders

Many organizations and individuals get into trouble attempting Stage 2 Leadership when the time isn’t right. The problems arise because, more often than not, organizations promote the most technically proficient doers into supervisory, team leader, or management roles. However, a great Stage 1 Leader doesn’t necessarily make a great Stage [Read More...]

Sep 092014
Valuing Attitude, Valuing Employees, Retaining Employees

I’ve pulled another article from the archives as I believe it’s something we as business owners need to keep in mind…. I had breakfast this morning with one of my sisters at a nice little restaurant in Denver. The waitress sat us immediately, and then started listing all of the [Read More...]

Sep 022014
Leadership Ethics – The Golden Rule

Here’s an article pulled from the archives. It’s sad to say, but what I wrote in 2002 is still right on target – if not more so – today. “At this moment, America’s greatest economic need is higher ethical standards, enforced by strict laws and upheld by responsible business leaders,” [Read More...]