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When Your Values Mean Nothing

When Your Values Mean NothingWhat do you do when your organization’s values mean nothing? Or, worse yet, they’re viewed by your employees with disdain? If you’re smart, you realize it’s time to do some of the hardest work you’ve ever had to do as a leader. If you’re not as bright as you believe you are, you’re not concerned because you’re making money and that’s what matters. Right? Wrong. When your organization’s values mean nothing, it’s one of the clearest signals being sent your way that there are serious flaws in your leadership and your leadership team, your organization’s culture, and your organization’s infrastructure.

When your organization’s values mean nothing to your employees, you’ve failed as a leader on several fronts.

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Posted by Gina Hott on January 24, 2017 in Leadership Development, Strategic Planning and tagged , ,


Performance Planning vs Employee Reviews

Ahhh, this is the wonderful time of year when organizations REQUIRE managers, supervisors, and team leaders sit down with their various team members to conduct one-on-one performance reviews. Doesn't just the thought of holding one of these sessions turn your stomach? If you're like most people it does.

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Posted by Liz Weber CMC on December 20, 2016 in Strategic Planning and tagged , ,


What Is It You Want?

What Is It You Want?How consistent is your team in delivering what you request? Do they do what you want? Do they deliver what you need? Are they performing the way you expect? If so, congratulations! You have mastered that elusive skill in clearly articulating what it is you expect of others. If not, it’s time to get clearer in how you give directions, ask for support, or suggest changes in output. It’s time to be clear in what you want of others.

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Posted by Liz Weber CMC on November 30, 2016 in Leadership Development and tagged , ,


You Already Know the Answers

You Already Know the AnswersMy team and I are working with several clients conducting company and leadership assessments to pinpoint areas for improvement. The assessments are fascinating. The conversations are insightful. The leadership team members are smart, and their desire to improve is impressive. There’s a passion, a dedication, and a yearning to move their organizations forward.

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Posted by Liz Weber CMC on October 19, 2016 in Leadership Development and tagged ,


Who Says You’re a Leader?

Who Says You're A Leader? I’ve had three conversations within the past week with managers from three separate organizations. Each one has asked for guidance or simply an ear so they could vent. Each manager is frustrated by a ‘leader’ who can’t lead. Each is frustrated by a leader who believes she or he is actually a really good leader because of their academic training, their professional work history, or, the one that I find really amusing, because the leader has written articles on leadership!

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Posted by Liz Weber CMC on September 20, 2016 in Leadership Development and tagged , ,