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Taking Over As Leader? Ask a Few Questions

  Are you taking over for a leader who has left the organization? Are you inheriting someone else’s team? Or, are you stepping into a newly created leadership role? Whichever path you’ve taken to your new role, you need to quickly identify how you’re going to best serve your team. Because, let’s face it, you were put into your new role to get things done. Your job is to get things done in a position that someone else had or that was recently created. Either way, your new position title...

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Culture Starts at the Top

  This past week validated that regardless of what you say you want your company culture to be, what it actually IS is dependent upon you, the leader.   Through the various virtual presentations and in-person strategy and group coaching sessions I facilitated this week, each client’s culture and personality came through loud and clear. A few were immediately relaxed and collegial. A few were a bit hesitant initially but quickly engaged and made solid progress. And a few were quiet,...

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Create a Better Work Environment – Redeploy Your Talent

  I try to notice trends in what my clients are facing. Last week presented a trend I couldn’t help but notice: Three of my clients were tired, frustrated, and struggling to please customers’ shifting and very challenging demands. My clients weren’t happy. Their team members weren’t happy. Their customers weren’t happy. No matter what my clients tried to do to please their challenging customers, it wasn’t enough. My clients’ team members were burning out. Team members were starting to...

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Drink a Cup of Coffee or Develop a Team Member?

  I recently came across a 2018 report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics that noted companies with fewer than 100 employees, on average, spent only 12 minutes of dedicated training time per employee - during the employee’s entire tenure with them! As pathetic as that is, it’s even more depressing because it dropped from a whopping 13.4 minutes of dedicated training time per employee in 1995. The 2018 report also noted that companies with 100-500 employees invested less than 6 minutes...

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Listen. Stay Engaged. Stay Relevant.

  Every one of my clients is experiencing the same thing: It’s almost impossible to recruit and hire strong team members. Because of this, retaining strong team members has become critical to enable on-going operations. So what can a leader do to not only retain, but excite strong team members? Listen to them.   What can a leader do to not only retain, but excite strong team members?Listen to them. With employees exhausted because of their excessive workloads, avoidable mishaps that...

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