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Don’t forget to download Liz’s intro to help ensure you tee-up her presentation on the right note! As you’ve probably experienced, a great intro can create excitement for the speaker and her message, while a poor one can kill it.

To make it easy, watch Joe Mull demonstrate how to use Liz’s intro. Then download the intro you need and enjoy the program!

To download our documents, please right-click on the title of the file you wish to download and choose “save as”. Once the file has been saved to your computer, double-click on the icon to expand or extract the file.

1- Something’s Going to Change Around Here!
The Five Stages to Leveraging Your Leadership Intro

[ .pdf | 656kb ]

2- 5 Stages to Leverage Your Leadership! Intro

[ .pdf | 656kb ]


3- How Does HR Get a Respected Seat At the Strategic Planning Table? Intro

[ .pdf | 503kb ]


4- Here Today – There Tomorrow!
Leading Strategically to Ensure Your Relevance & Success Intro

[ .pdf | 194kb ]


5- Don’t Let ‘Em Treat You Like a Girl® (and Other Tips for Your Leadership Success)! Intro

[ .pdf | 653kb ]


6- Become the Strategic Business Partner Your Organization Needs! Intro

[ .pdf | 504kb ]


7- Create a Succession Plan in Eight Steps! Intro

[ .pdf | 196kb ]


8- Guide Real Change with SMART Strategic Planning! Intro

[ .pdf | 195kb ]


9- Minimize the Drama: How Effective Leaders Manage Conflict Intro

[ .pdf | 247kb ]

10- Minimize the Drama: How Effective HR Leaders Manage Conflict Intro

NOTE: This is written for HR audiences [ .pdf | 247kb ]


11- Create YOUR 3 Year Speaking Plan – Stop Chasing Squirrels and Grow Your Business!

[ .pdf | 248kb ]


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