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Liz Weber Focused Leadership DevelopmentLeveraging The Five Stages of Focused Leadership Development


A Presentation Based on Liz Weber's Award-Winning Book!

Something's Going to Change Around Here! The Five Stages to Leveraging Your Leadership


Program Description:

Would you like to learn why you're always playing catch-up just to keep up?

If your audience members answer ‘YES!’ to just ONE of those questions, this presentation is right for them! Through client examples, exercises, and assessments, Liz Weber will share her model: The Five Stages of Focused Leadership Development™. This model will help your audience members quickly identify why their teams or managers under-perform, depend upon them to solve problems, and cause them to work the long hours they do. In addition, all attendees will take a free on-line leadership assessment before the event to learn their current stage of leadership and to help Liz further customize her program for the event! As an additional bonus, each participant will receive a free virtual coaching program after the event to help them continue to develop through the stages of focused leadership!

For more customized impact, have your group take Liz's FREE Leadership Stages Assessment before your event and provide each participant an autographed copy of Liz’s book to continue the learning after the event!

Program Objectives:

In this presentation, Liz will share:

Liz is the standard by which I measure all others."

– Eric Henry, CEO
Hershey Trust


About Liz Weber CMC:

Liz is known for her candor and clear insights. Clients and audiences appreciate her engaging humor, down-to-earth style, and "packed to go" action strategies. If you're looking for someone who will tell it like it is and provide solid, workable solutions for business challenges, Liz Weber is the speaker for you.

Liz Weber is one of fewer than 100 people in the U.S. to hold both the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designations. Having presented in 22 countries, Liz's presentations educate and energize audiences, spur thought, and ignite ideas to drive leaders and organizations forward.

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