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With Effective Performance Management, Everybody Wins


Would it help your managers and employees if there was a fair, simple way to provide regular feedback to employees on their performance? Would it help your organization if you had clear descriptions for every position?

A prospective client called me for a reference on Liz [Weber’s] training. They were a bit hesitant to sign with her because some of the management team were afraid Liz would challenge them. I told them she would, but perhaps that’s what they needed. Everything else is just training.”

– Kevin Steeley, President
DALB, Inc.

Our Solution

As performance management consultants, we help you create position descriptions for your employees that provide clear insight into their responsibilities and expectations. We’ll help you create a simple, objective way to offer feedback to employees. They’ll always know where their strengths lie and the specific ways they can improve to become even stronger. Finally, we guide you in ensuring performance is evaluated consistently and fairly organization-wide.


With our straightforward process…

  • You’ll develop clear position descriptions that outline responsibilities, performance expectations and individual accountability expectations
  • You’ll develop a process that fairly, honestly and effectively provides specific feedback to employees so they can take action
  • You’ll change your organization’s culture from one that dreads performance reviews to one that uses them effectively—as coaching tools to continually enhance performance
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