Attention C-Suite, Leaders, and Owners:

You’ve Worked Hard to Build a Successful Business. Now, Let’s Make Sure It Will Stay That Way.

  • Is your leadership team prepared to lead your company over the next 3, 4, 5+ years?
  • Are you prepared for seamless transitions from the front line to the C-Suite?
  • Is the next generation of leaders ready to step up and take on the leadership challenges ahead?

The answers to these questions determine your company’s viability and relevance.

In the last 8 months, we have doubled… Before we didn’t have a map or game plan …Now employees are no longer dependent upon me, the owner of the company. I can now see our future so clearly…

– Jocelyn Melton

CEO, The Baxter Group

Through either on-site or virtual meetings, we’ll guide your leadership team through strategic planning, succession and workforce planning, leadership development, and transformative organizational change. We’ll use assessments to help us pinpoint where to focus everyone’s energies, so you get the targeted advising and consulting services you need – not the generic, ineffective leadership advice you don’t. 

Outcomes Clients Have Realized:

  • Concise 3, 4, 5+ year Strategic Plans and 1-year Operational Plans
  • Clear Succession Plans and Workforce Maps
  • Insightful Leadership and Board 360 Assessment Feedback
  • Targeted Executive and Leadership Team Coaching and Business Advisory Services
Keep your business on a strategic path to success. Contact Weber Business Services, LLC at +1(717) 597-8890 to make a plan.