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Uh Oh. I Can’t Access What I Need

When we needed to rapidly move to remote work status several months ago, for many of us, it was just a matter of working more from home than normal. We had the capability to access all or the bulk of our work files and systems remotely. For others, it was a matter of grabbing what files and equipment you thought you’d need for a few weeks and then heading home to then figure out how to: serve your customers while using your personal devices, identify ways to access the company’s network of...

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What Are Some ‘Leaders’ Thinking?

What are some people - who are supposed to be leaders in their organizations - thinking? Last week, I learned a senior manager at a large community-oriented organization had just resigned. He resigned before he was terminated. Why? He had been posting non-too subtle statements on Facebook about the size of his _____ ah, his ______ well you know. Excuse me? Doesn't he realize his "friends" on Facebook would see that? And his "friends" most certainly would include employees, clients, board...

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