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Uh Oh. I Can’t Access What I Need

Uh Oh. I Can’t Access the Company Data I Need

When we needed to rapidly move to remote work status several months ago, for many of us, it was just a matter of working more from home than normal. We had the capability to access all or the bulk of our work files and systems remotely. For others, it was a matter of grabbing what files and equipment you thought you’d need for a few weeks and then heading home to then figure out how to: serve your customers while using your personal devices, identify ways to access the company’s network of digital and possibly some paper files, get information from colleagues also working remotely who have poor internet connectivity, while also integrating any new company equipment provided to you into your remote work worlds. In the immediacy of the need to work remotely, you made it work. However, as more and more of us are anticipating a permanency to either a completely remote or a partially remote work environment, it’s now a priority that we, as leaders, get control of where our organization’s files, equipment, and knowledge is being housed.

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What Are Some ‘Leaders’ Thinking?

What Are Some Leaders Thinking?

What are some people – who are supposed to be leaders in their organizations – thinking? Last week, I learned a senior manager at a large community-oriented organization had just resigned. He resigned before he was terminated. Why? He had been posting non-too subtle statements on Facebook about the size of his _____ ah, his ______ well you know. Excuse me? Doesn’t he realize his “friends” on Facebook would see that? And his “friends” most certainly would include employees, clients, board members, his management peers, and members of the community? What was he thinking? Was he thinking?

ConfusedToday, I learned from a client one of his managers, as part of her explanation to her office staff who a particular client was, said, “He’ll be sending work our way. But all of his clients are real idiots.” What was she thinking? Was she thinking?

Don’t these ‘leaders’ understand others look to them to be role models? Don’t they understand others pay attention to what they do and say 24/7? I don’t think they do. Or if they do, they need to be reminded swiftly what true leadership is. They’re not leading. They’re destroying reputations.

The reality is, if you’re in a leadership position, you represent that organization 24/7. What you say and do on the job and off is a reflection of you and it’s a reflection of the organization. So if you’re making inappropriate comments in your “private” life — Stop. If you’re demeaning a client and jading the opinions of staff towards that client — Stop. Stop behaving stupidly. Start behaving as a leader should. Start thinking about leadership.

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