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How To Lead Up Without Embarrassing the Leader

How To Lead Up Without Embarrassing the Leader
I had the opportunity to watch a leader ‘lead up’ last week. A new client had asked me to attend their board meeting so I could gain a better understanding of their organization, history, culture, and their future. It was an incredibly informative experience. However, it was informative in a way I don’t believe they anticipated.

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Posted by Liz Weber CMC on February 19, 2019 in Leadership Development and tagged , , ,


How Valuable Is Your Time?

How Valuable Is Your Time?

How valuable is your time? I’m not asking what your hourly pay or rate is, but rather, how important is your time to you in ensuring your organization’s success? An indication of how much you value your time is how you use it. As leaders, our intentional use of our time is indicative of what is most important to us as leaders. An organization’s strategic priorities are highlighted by which strategies and programs receive proper funding and management, and which do not. A leader’s priorities are highlighted by which issues, opportunities, projects, and people receive attention and which do not.

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Posted by Liz Weber CMC on January 22, 2019 in Leadership Development and tagged , , ,


Strategic Workforce Planning – Build Depth & Develop Talent

How to Create a Strategic Workforce Plan – Build Depth & Develop Talent in 15 StepsThe Vice President of Human Resources called. “I need to create a Strategic Workforce Plan for our company, get our leadership team on-board, teach all managers how to do this, and then implement this thing. How do I create this so it makes sense and doesn’t alienate everyone in the process?” That’s a great question, because the key issue is not “How do I do this?” The key issue is, “How do I get the leadership team on-board with me to design, implement, and use this plan to ensure we have a talented and flexible workforce now and in the future?”

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Posted by Liz Weber CMC on February 26, 2018 in Succession Planning and tagged , , , , , ,


Would You Want to Work for “You”?

Would You Want to Work for 'You'?

If you had the opportunity to work for yourself, would you? This question has been popping up in conversations with several clients lately. It’s come up during a board strategy session. It’s been discussed during coaching calls. And, it’s come up while discussing the challenges of working in a multi-generational workplace. The reason I ask the question is simple: Focus on yourself before you criticize your team.

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Posted by Liz Weber CMC on May 23, 2017 in Leadership Development, WBS and tagged , , , ,


Exceeding Customer Expectations

Exceeding Customer Expectations

The “buzz” in customer management arenas continues to be “Customer Expectation Management”. Customer Expectation Management or CEM is a way of doing business that focuses heavily on delivering not only a quality product, but delivering that product with service that exceeds the expectations of the customer. Studies have shown, many companies and individuals will pay a higher price for a product, if they can do business with organizations that put quality customer service at the top of their priority lists. Retaining customers and creating repeat business is more profitable than hunting down new customers. On average it costs 5-25% more to bring in a new customer as to retain a current one.

Studies have also shown that roughly 70% of dissatisfied customers leave, not because of a poor product or high prices, but rather they leave because they feel they’ve been poorly treated.

CEM implements several tracking systems to first identify what your customers expect of you, then what additional services could be inexpensively added to delight your customers. If customers are delighted with your service, as well as liking your product (which they expect as a given), your ability to retain that customer for at least three years increases to 85%. However, if you simply provide a good product, at a fair price, with adequate customer service, your ability to retain that customer drops to 50%. The customer feels no sense of loyalty or connection to your organization. But, if they’ve been treated well, and feel personally valued, their sense of commitment to you increases – and so do retention rates.

Now, what are ways you can exceed your customers’ expectations? Normally, it’s the little things:

  • Learn the names of customers and have all of your staff greet them by name when they’re in your facility
  • Forward copies of blogs, tweets, Facebook postings, articles or other information to customers that are relevant to them and not just a part of a regular mass mailing.
  • Identify and perform an additional service the customer will appreciate. Several clients immediately bring me a bottle of water whenever I arrive for a meeting, work session, or training session. It’s a little thing, but I appreciate it and notice it.

To get a sense of what Customer Expectation Management can do for you, think of the little things others have done for you that surprised you and made you happy you did business with them. Then, take a look around your organization and identify ways you can exceed the expectations of good service your customers have. You’ll be surprised at how inexpensive they are, but how valuable they can be to your business’ long-term success.

Are your ready to start exceeding customer expectations?


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