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Use the Strategic Plan as a Daily Management Tool

Keep in mind, when you use the strategic plan as a daily management tool... The Vision is "The Big Goal." It's THE thing you are working to achieve together. The Mission explains what you do as an organization. The Values are "The House Rules." As long as employees take paychecks from your organization, they - by default - are bound to abide by the values. If they don't like the values, fine. They need to find someplace else to work. The Strategic Goals are the big projects that need to occur...

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Get it “Right”

My company is working with several clients who are at that stage of their business planning process where we're analyzing their marketing strategies. An obvious component of this step is revising or developing marketing materials that convey the "right" message, to the "right" target market, to get the "right" results.  Getting it "right" with the marketing materials can propel a company's business strategies forward with greater success. Getting it "wrong" can create confusion,...

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Plan Well – You Want Them to Accept It Not Applaud It

I recently experienced the same thing I tell my clients, and honestly, it was a bit deflating. Yet, it was the right feeling. It meant success. It meant the board's efforts in developing its strategic plan, debating objectives, defining strategies, and nit-picking select words had been worth the effort. The new board member with whom I reviewed the plan, simply said, "Thanks for that overview. It makes sense to me. It seems pretty straightforward, but it covers a lot of ground, which it needs...

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That’s Not My Job

I recently had lunch with a consulting colleague. He'd just left a client meeting and was rubbing his temples in an attempt to ease a headache. When I asked if there was something specific bothering him, he replied, "Why are people so afraid to take responsibility and do their jobs?" Apparently during the meeting it had become obvious the project would need additional work as my colleague had pointed out gaps in the team's initial planning. However, as my colleague asked each of the four team...

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Let’s Talk Visions First – Then Missions

The vision and mission are two separate and distinct components of your most important leadership tool: the strategic plan. And unlike many others who work in strategic planning, I'm a stickler when it comes to clients understanding the purpose of a vision statement and a mission statement. When someone says, “I don’t care what you call it: mission or vision—they mean the same thing.” My response is, “No they don't. They serve two very different roles in the plan, for the leadership team, and...

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