Use the Strategic Plan as a Daily Management Tool

Use the Strategic Plan as a Daily Management Tool

Keep in mind, when you use the strategic plan as a daily management tool…

  • The Vision is “The Big Goal.” It’s THE thing you are working to achieve together.
  • The Mission explains what you do as an organization.
  • The Values are “The House Rules.” As long as employees take paychecks from your organization, they – by default – are bound to abide by the values. If they don’t like the values, fine. They need to find someplace else to work.
  • The Strategic Goals are the big projects that need to occur to drive your organization towards its vision. Goals are divvied up among the various departments to implement.
  • All Sales & Marketing, HR, Operational, IT and other plans need to align with and support the Strategic Plan.

When the leadership team, and then the rest of the team, understands how and why to use the strategic plan as a daily management tool, there’s less confusion, fewer divergent plans, and greater team. Not bad for just using something you’ve already created…



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