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Planning for the New Year


Planning for the New Year

The new year is almost here and it’s time to think about what you hope to accomplish as a business owner or manager in the new year.

Take advantage of the natural feelings of excitement and anticipation for the new year. At this time of year, many people look to the new year as a way to “start fresh”, particularly if the current year wasn't as happy or productive as they would have liked. So give your employees something to look forward to by planning for the new year.

Develop Goals

Work with them to develop specific, measurable productivity or sales goals. Goals such as “Conduct a complete customer assessment to identify Tier 1, 2, 3 and 4 customers to maximize return” provide a clear focus for the staff.

Also, develop with them specific goals to improve communications between you and them. A basic goal to “Meet for 5 minutes each morning to highlight hot jobs, review the previous day’s production, plan for anticipated equipment/operational issues, and staff rotations” goes a long way to improving interaction and team spirit.


With your management staff, develop the broad-based plans for enhancing the business; i.e., expanding or narrowing product lines or markets, and improving internal organization and efficiencies. Review what your production numbers, sales figures and market share numbers were for 2013. Then, challenge them and yourself to do better in more intentional, strategic ways in 2014.

Take advantage of this time of year. Your staff is ready for a change. So excite and challenge them for a more successful and productive future by planning for the new year.


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