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Now's the Time for Success

Now's the Time for Success

If your organization is like most, the added pressures of employee vacation schedules can compound stretched-to-the-limit holiday work requirements. With some employees out of the office on vacation, some trying to cover the work of those who are on leave, and others trying to get caught up when they return, there’s a direct impact on the focus and efficiency of your organization. Because of this natural cycle that hits many companies every year, it’s critical that you regroup now with your team to re-focus everyone’s attention on where you're at and what you're working towards—the Vision.

Want to promptly reshape your employees into a “team” focus with a unified, strategic goal? Follow these five steps:

  1. Reiterate clearly what the organization’s vision of success is and what the organization’s current position is in attaining that vision
  2. Review with each department how critical their success in meeting their production and service goals is to the entire organization
  3. Review with each employee what each individual’s goals are and how they directly impact each team’s and the organization’s success
  4. Remind everyone in the organization, that the key to success is consistency in their focus on the organization’s vision of success
  5. Develop specific strategies (with due dates) for regaining the focus with everyone.

If people know specifically what they’re working towards and the specific strategy to achieve it, success is in sight.

Now’s the time for success.


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