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Why You?

Why You?

Why do your customers come to you?  Why do they pay you money for your products or services instead of another organization?  Why you?

It’s a short, two-word question, but the answer could transform the way you operate and market your business.  You see, the answer is what sets you apart from everyone else.  It’s your brand.  It’s your unique differentiator.  It’s your top-of-mind awareness pitch.  It’s all of those and every other nifty marketing term out there which indicates what benefit you provide your current customers.  It also helps potential customers determine whether or not you can help them too.

So how do you find the answer?  Listen to your customers.  Listen to what they say when they thank you for your products or services.  Specifically, what do they appreciate?  How did your product help them?  Did it save them time, money, effort, re-work, etc?  What value did they realize from your services?  Did your services solve a problem quickly or did you simply provide much needed information?  What did you do or provide that helped your customer move forward?

If you still aren’t sure what they value, be daring – ask them.  Ask your customers directly:

  • What do you like about our products or services?
  • How do they help you?
  • How did working with us make your life a bit easier?
  • What could we do to do an even better job for you in the future?

Some businesses benefit their customers by always having what their customers need when they need it; for others, they’re the low-cost providers; for others, they’re the “experts” – no one does it better.  The list goes on and on.  The point is that the benefits I just identified were not snazzy, flashy terms.  They were basic.  Not once did I say: Comprehensive, Full-service, Multi-Disciplined, or some other grandiose, non-specific descriptor.   Most customers won’t refer to you as a full-service provider anyway.  Instead they’ll say something like “There’s nothing you guys don’t know about widgets.”   That’s quite a compliment and a nudge towards making you the “Widget Experts.”

Whatever the answer to “Why you?”, it will help you target your marketing activities towards others who have similar needs.  We all know we can’t be all things to all people, so be the answer to those customers who will benefit the most from your products and services.  By knowing your customers consider you the “Widget Experts”, you can now focus your marketing and sales efforts toward those who may need widget experts.  You could even adjust some of your marketing materials to help others understand how you can help them resolve their problems – Have problems with your Widgets?  We can help.  We’re the Widget Experts.

Our customers want to move forward and not deal with issues, headaches, and frustrations any longer than necessary.  They want help and they’ll pay for it.  So why not be the answer they’re seeking? 

Why you?  Why not?


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