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Don’t Work So Hard: Target to Grow Your Pool of Tier 1 & 2 Customers

Don't Work So Hard! Target to Grow Your Pool of Tier 1 & 2 Customers


If you want to increase your customer base, be smart and target the types of customers you really want.


  • Tier 1 Customers are your ideal & highly profitable customers.

    They bring new needs to you to service — typically because you have an established track record of successfully helping them. They challenge you to learn, stretch & grow — profitably. You want to PARTNER with this type of customer for mutual growth. (Identify and share characteristics of Tier 1 Customers with your team.)

  • Tier 2 Customers are good income providers.

    They are content with your core products and services. They’re easy to service while you make a fair profit. You want to continue to serve as a trusted ADVISOR to this type of customer on how to further enhance their financial position through your line of products & services. (Identify and share characteristics of Tier 2 Customers with your team.)

  • Tier 3 Customers are break-even customers.

    They consume time and resources. These customers frustrate you though they’ve done nothing “wrong.” You may continue to serve them as a trusted EDUCATOR & ADMINISTRATOR of their accounts, with the focus on moving them to Tier 2 if possible. (Identify and share characteristics of Tier 3 Customers with your team.)

  • Tier 4 Customers are “Money losers.”

    They are rate & price shoppers, are never happy with your products or services, and require large amounts of time for little to no profit. They are not a right fit for you. You cannot continue to serve as a FIXER of their problems. Learn to say good-bye to them. (Identify and share characteristics of Tier 4 Customers with your team.)

Target to Grow Your Pool of Tier 1 & 2 CustomersNow take time to review your current customer list. Tag your customers Tiers 1-4. If you’re a bit bottom-heavy – i.e., too many Tier 3s & 4s, that may explain why you’re working so hard.

Work smarter not harder.



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