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Who's Got the Power?


Who's Got the Power

Michael Segalla shares great insights into who really has power within an organization. In the May 2010 issue of Harvard Business Review (Find the Real Power in Your Organization), he shares his intriguing, visual mapping tool to determine where the true seats of power reside in an organization -- AND -- what to do about them.

Segalla encourages organizational leaders to access the untapped potential in their young, highly committed managers and to assess and connect with -- as he calls them -- the dangerous high-level deadwood who have the title but not the drive to take action.

As I tell my clients,

"Just because you have the title manager or leader, doesn't mean you can lead."

Leadership potential and power often reside in the most unexpected places.


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    2 thoughts on “Who's Got the Power?”

    1. Elton Buckle says:

      lol funny I was just thinking the same thing 🙂

      1. Liz says:

        Hey Elton - Glad you enjoyed the post. Read my blog post on "What Are Some 'Leaders" Thinking?" & let me know what you think of that one!

        Spread the word & tell others about my blog! We want to get the word out as to what 'leadership' is really all about.

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