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Are Your Bad Habits Killing Your Business?

Are Your Bad Habits Killing Your Business?
Human beings tend to be creatures of habit. That's good in that we can enhance our efficiencies by doing things over and over again. However, we can also become a bit too comfortable with our habits. When that happens, we don't recognize when our habits are no longer helping us, but are instead hurting us and our businesses.

As business owners, when we become too comfortable with our habits, we don't recognize when they're hurting us.

I've been working with several business owners to help them each break just one habit that's no longer helpful to them and their businesses. Each business owner's habit is different; yet each habit is causing serious problems for their respective employees and companies.

How can a habit, a belief, a routine, or process that helped you achieve the success you have, now be something that's harmful? Marshall Goldsmith tackled this idea in his book, What Got You Here Won't Get You There and it's what I share with leaders constantly: As your teams and organizations morph, change, and grow, you need to be morphing, changing, and growing ahead of them. You can't keep doing things the way you've always done them or you will very quickly see a rise in conflicts, frustration, and disengagement. Your teams will try to rise to meet their new challenges and responsibilities, but will be blocked by you and your habitual behaviors that no longer help them. They see you not letting go of what used to be helpful actions while you ask them to change their behaviors. They see you continuing as you always have, while you berate them for not being able to rise to the occasion and meet the challenges in front of them. They lose trust in you; you resent them. Both sides are right. Both sides are wrong. But it's your job to change first.

Both sides are right. Both sides are wrong.
But it's your job to change first.

What's the one habit you need to change that if you did, your team would realize a real and substantial difference? What's the behavior that causes your team frustration? Don't kid yourself and say, "I don't know." Yes you do. It's the behavior that causes your team to look at one another and raise their eyebrows or roll their eyes. It's the behavior that causes a collective sigh. It's the behavior that causes them to behave as if the energy has been sucked out of them. It's the behavior that causes your team to work harder at changing how they work, because you're not.

What's your behavior that causes your team to work harder at changing because you're not?

Don't allow your company to become a statistic and a company that couldn't make it as an on-going success story because your bad habits killed it. Help it become the company you want it to be by eliminating one bad habit at a time. Building a solid team and company takes time. So does changing habits. But both can happen with you focus on doing them, instead of doing what you've always done.



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