Thank you for your interest in becoming a 5 Stages Leadership™ Qualified Facilitator. Our qualification process is to ensure the appropriate presentation of the program, and information on the use of the assessments and materials. Your completion of the form does not automatically guarantee qualification or approved use of the materials.

Your completion of the form below is a prerequisite to qualification. After your submission is received a representative will contact you to discuss your application details, and, if appropriate, access to purchase and use the appropriate training materials.

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What resources are available to facilitators?

If you become a 5 Stages Leadership™ Qualified Facilitator, you’ll have access to:

  • 5 Stages Leadership™ Assessments and Reports
    • Group Assessment Summary Report (Summarizes how each group/cohort falls among the five stages)
    • Group Coaching Report (Detailed, person-by-person, breakout of how each participant answered each question to support in coaching the individual participants and teams)
    • Individual Assessment Reports (Individualized, 18-page reports to support each participant’s current stage of leadership growth and prepare them for the next)
  • Facilitator’s Guide
  • Participant Workbooks
  • Master Slide Decks

The versatility of the 5 Stages Leadership™ Training Program makes it easy to customize and present each program to best match your participants’ preferred learning needs. Since, C-Suite executives have different preferences and learning needs than do mid-level managers, you’ll have the resources to adjust the program to the format and length that makes the most sense for your participants.


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