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5 Stages Leadership™

5 Stages Leadership Certified Facilitator Materials Pricing Guide!

5 Stages Leadership™ Certification Seat
One time fee.
Participant Materials for the Certification Training Program - $1390*
As a part of the application process, each organization must purchase at least one full set of participant training materials for every two facilitator training program participants.
  5 Stages Leadership™ Facilitator's Guide $695 Value
5 Stages Leadership™ Master Slide Deck $695 Value
5 Stages Leadership™ Participant Workbook $10 Value
Something Needs to Change Around Here
The Five Stages to Leveraging Your Leadership Sold individually.
Color Edition, for Certified Facilitators Only. Purchase 1 per participant.
$15 Value
5 Stages Leadership™ Assessment Report Bundle
includes 1 Sample Group Assessment Summary, 1 Sample Group Coaching Report, 1 Sample Individual Leadership Assessment Report
Option 1 = Group Summary Report = $250
Option 2 = Assessment Package: Group Summary Report Group Coaching report Individual Reports
0-40 participants = $40 each
41+ participants = $25 each
5 Stages Leadership™ Discussion Questions Slide Deck
(Optional Purchase)
$395 Value


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