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Don’t Let ‘Em Treat You Like a Girl®

Don’t Let ‘Em Treat You Like a Girl®

Updated 3rd Edition

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A Woman's Guide to Leadership Success!

Updated 3rd Edition

Are you tired of being ignored in meetings? Are you overlooked for leadership opportunities? Are you treated differently because… well… you’re a girl?

Then—stop acting like a girl!

In this witty, no-nonsense book, leadership expert Liz Weber shares dozens of “do’s” and “don’ts” to help you identify the “girly” behaviors that cause others to doubt your leadership capabilities.

Tips Include:

  • Negotiate as Hard for Yourself as You Would for Someone Else
  • You’re Their Manager, Not Their Mother
  • You Can’t Be the Smelly One

This fast-reading book features numerous insights from women and men, and provides tips to benefit even the most confident professional woman!